Additional Feature Support for Sellers


With a length restriction on your description, you are free to include FAQs to explain further and clarify your service. However, make sure you take all reasonable steps to keep the client informed if something is lacking from your description that is appropriate for the question-and-answer style.


For example, if you’re a video editor and a FAQ might be “What programs do you use to edit your videos?” of which you can respond appropriately. As a result, if the customer is aware of such applications, they will be more impressed or confident in the quality of work you can provide.


This may also prevent users from contacting you by asking the same questions that might not be clear in your Job Package description.

Additional Media

Utilise the Additional Media options on your Job Package or Profile by adding a video or photos showcasing your prior work, providing more details about your services, or outlining your work method. 


Adding videos to your Job Package will likely boost purchases because they tend to raise engagement rates, however, keep your video relevant yet short and straight to the point.

Job Package and Profile Description

Less is definitely more when it comes to the description box. So be sure to get straight to the point. Use plain English and exclude any unnecessary or needless terms.

Recognize that some clients might not be native English speakers, and consider providing a translated Malay version.

There is a word restriction for the description box as well, so be strategic about how you utilise them.

Make sure your description is simple to scan and that customers can easily access the details they need.

Tip: Using bullet points is one method to do this. This will make it simpler for customers to read and absorb your material.



Offer several packages for the service you provide, such as basic, standard, and premium plans. Be sure to charge less for the basic package and more for the premium package by delivering more value.


Tip: Price should be scaled up as each package has different items. As a seller, you should consider which packages you want your customer to buy according to their needs.




Customers may use the calendar tool to see when you are unavailable. This might also imply that you are overbooked or working on other jobs, in which case they would need to wait until you have finished a few orders in line before placing their purchase. 


This can also be used to manage your time and workload.


Additional Services


You may make $30, $50, or even more each transaction using Additional Services instead of your set price. Additional Services should target certain users rather than being merely add-ons that everyone would require. Think of customising choices rather than essential functions to get the job done.


For instance, if you offer logo designs, you might charge extra to include the source code.


Choosing the right picture for your Job Package


Avoid clogging up your Job Package picture with unnecessary clutter because it will make it tougher for the audience to see. Keep your picture simple with readily visible language. It’s important to keep in mind that different screen widths will be used to display your chosen picture.


To avoid pixelation, the resolution should follow the recommended pixel size and it is recommended to have a slightly higher resolution.


Be sure to also pick relevant photos such as previous works or action shots of you doing the task. An attractive, attention-grabbing image grabs the customer’s attention and piques their curiosity to find out more.



The market might be a very competitive environment, so to determine how much to charge for your Job Package, research the going rate in the platform marketplace for the service you’re providing.