Buying Job Packages

Not sure what a Job Package is? Check out our intro here.

How do I buy the Job Package I want?

Once you see a Job Package you like, you can either click on the Job Package title to view more details about the Package itself, or click the green button which skips the page and goes straight into the purchase. From here, the steps are as follows:

  1. Select the Package you’d like. This will be divided into the cheapest, i.e., Basic, to the most complete, i.e. Premium.

  2. Check the ‘Overview’ which outlines what the chosen Job Package will include, and whether it’s right for you.

  3. Choose ‘Additional Services’ if you’d like more services.

  4. Click ‘Confirm Order Details’ if you are happy with your order and price.

  5. Complete the ‘Seller’s Custom Form’ if applicable. These if the Seller needs their Buyers to provide more details to complete the request.

  6. Complete ‘Banking Details’
    Tip: You can speed this process up by adding your debit or credit cards at the Buyer Dashboard for auto-filling.

  7. Tick the Disclaimer to certify your agreement to the information provided.

  8. Check all details and click ‘Proceed to Payment’

  9. You will be redirected to your specific banking portal and required to complete all any steps required by your bank.

  10. Your Job Package is now booked!

What if I want to pay for the cheapest package, but also want some of the extra services in the more expensive options?

Many Sellers actually list Additional Services during check out of purchasing a Job Package. This will allow Buyers to choose more services without the total upgrade of a more expensive option. This is how it goes:

  1. Choose and proceed to payment of your desired Job Package

  2. During ‘Order Details’, see ‘Additional Services’ and choose which options you’d need

Tip: Be sure to calculate and compare adding on extra services versus simply buying the higher tiered package. Adding too many Additional Services might be more expensive than simply buying a Premium package for the same scope.

What do I do after booking my Job Package?

All that’s left now is to wait for the Seller to begin work! Depending on the Job Package, the Seller will begin in varying ways, but they’ll always have to update their progress on the OddJobs system. To monitor their progress:

  1. Click Buyer Dashboard icon on the top right of the main navigation bar

  2. Click Job Management. Here you can see everything to do with Job Packages and Posts.

  3. Scroll down or search for the Job Package you’re looking for. There will be a progress bar telling you whether they have started or completed the job.

Any changes in progress will also be notified to you via the notification bell and email.

What if I can’t find a Job Package for my needs?

If there aren’t any Job Packages that fit your requirements, you could either look into creating a Job Post.

Job Posts are specific requests from Buyers, while Job Packages are broad offerings from Sellers. Generally, Job Posts are created and published when Buyers can’t find a Job Package which fits their specific needs.

Can I also create my own Job Packages?

Of course! To begin selling, you’ll need to create a Seller’s account and from there you can start creating and selling your own Job Packages.

See our guide on Selling Job Packages to learn more.