Account Deletion


If there are any issues that are causing you to delete your account, you can contact us at and we would love to help and hopefully change your mind!

What should I do before deleting my account?

Deleting your account will be permanent and your data cannot be retrieved after completing this action. Because of this, it is important for your future reference to save as much data as possible before confirming deletion.

We recommend saving the following data:


  • Chat history

  • Job archives

  • OddJobs Business Reports (if applicable)

How do I delete my account?


  1. Go to your Buyer or Seller Dashboard

  2. Click ‘Account’ on the left navigation panel

  3. Scroll down and click ‘Delete Account’

  4. Enter your password on the pop-up

  5. Enter your password again to reconfirm

  6. Check if you’re deleting the right account (i.e., either a Buyer or Seller account)

  7. Click ‘Confirm Deletion’

Can I delete my Seller account and keep my Buyer account?

Yes, if you delete your account on the Seller Dashboard, only your Seller account will be deleted and your Buyer account will still be active.

However, if you deleted your Buyer account, both your Buyer and Seller account will be deleted simultaneously. This is because any Seller must have a Buyer account to exist concurrently.

Can I return to OddJobs in the future?

Definitely. Although we can’t return your data, rankings or anything from your previous account, you can reuse your previous name. Most often, this will cause previous customers to remember you so you won’t have to continue from scratch.

Please note that this is only for users who have left without breaking the Terms and Conditions.