Cancellation on OddJobs may be difficult and we strongly recommend Buyers be committed and aware when purchasing jobs. However, we understand that there will be circumstances that require such a process.


As such, we have prepared two methods to complete a cancellation: Mutual Cancellation and Formal Cancellation


If you have had a job marked as ‘Order Confirmed’ in your Dashboard, you can begin a cancellation process by following the step-by-step guide below.

How do I cancel through Mutual Cancellation?

Mutual Cancellation


These are when both parties agree to cancel the order through an understanding of whatever problems might come up. For example, if the Buyer accidentally confirms an order or Seller’s car broke down en-route and is unable to complete the job as agreed. 


This is almost always the best route to cancellation and will never incur any penalties.


Mutual Cancellations directly between Buyers and Sellers are the most popular, successful, and fastest way to complete cancellation. We strongly encourage all users to try this method first. 


  1. (Optional but recommended.) Contact your Buyer or Seller directly through the Chat and ask if they would be willing to cancel.

  2. Go to Job Management in your Dashboard, and click ‘Cancel’ next to the Active Job you want cancelled.

  3. Fill in the Mutual Cancellation Request Form.

  4. This will send a notification to the Buyer or Seller to respond. If they also click cancel, the order will automatically cancel and you’ll receive a notification confirming the cancellation. 

What happens if the buyer or seller declines the cancellation request?

If you are unable to reach a Mutual Cancellation between Buyer and Seller, you can submit a Formal Cancellation. This will execute a process where we will look into the case and determine whether a penalty-fee cancellation is possible. 


It is important to also ensure you have read and understood our Terms and Conditions before submitting.


Formal Cancellation


In Formal Cancellation, we will manually review each case based on the information provided to us through the Formal Cancellation Request Form and other information accessible on OddJobs such as the Chat. 


Whether this cancellation incurs a penalty will be based on the following scenarios:


  1. If we deem the cancellation request valid, we will cancel the request without penalty.

  2. If we deem the cancellation request invalid, the order must proceed as requested or the Buyer or Seller must pay a penalty fee.

If either scenario highlights infringement of Terms and Conditions, further penalties may be imposed on the user.

How do I submit a Formal Cancellation with OddJobs?

  1. Open up a request via Dashboard or email at

  2. Provide evidence that a mutual cancellation was attempted and unsuccessful

  3. Fill in or attach the Formal Cancellation Request Form.

Wait for notification regarding the outcome of your request. Time will vary on a case-by-case basis. 

Will there be a penalty for cancelling an ongoing task?

Although ideally we wish all cancellations could be penalty-free, in order to create an efficient ecosystem that benefits the entire community, some cancellations may incur penalties to the user to prevent users from acting maliciously on the platform.

What can I do if my buyer or seller is not responding to my cancellation request?

Firstly, do try to contact the buyer or seller through Chat and patiently wait several days depending on your set deadline. If there is still no response, you can submit a Formal Cancellation.

I am not satisfied with the job or product the Seller has produced. What should I do?

There is a minimum of one re-evaluation or revision of your order if you feel the Seller is not providing their services to the standards as expected or advertised.

If both parties agree, the Seller may add additional revisions. Your concerns may be brought up to the OddJobs team through email or by calling us directly, and our staff will further investigate the case if the requirements are still not satisfied after re-evaluation.

What do I do if my Buyer wants to cancel the order?

Before cancelling an order, Buyers must show compelling justification and/or supporting documentation. Should you agree, you can accept the cancellation penalty-free. We cannot, however, compel a customer to accept an unsatisfactory delivery. 


If you feel that the customer is requesting a cancellation without proper reason, or if your job was completed as advertised, then you may submit a Formal Cancellation.

As a Seller, can I cancel a job?

Yes, however we highly advise you to look for alternate solutions if you do find yourself wanting to cancel a job. Depending on the circumstance, you can modify the job fee, move the due date, or send the Buyer a private message.


Most importantly, consider how requesting a cancellation can impact your reputation and profile on OddJobs before making the request.

How long should I expect a refund?

Refunds may take a few days to complete once cancellation is verified according to the processing time of the card issuer. 

Refunds to credit cards typically take 7 to 10 days to process when Customer Support receives the request. In unusual circumstances, it can take up to two weeks.