Improving Your Marketability


Whether as a Buyer or Seller, someone who visits the platform for the first time will be overwhelmed by the enormous offer of services.


Once you create your first Job Post or Job Package on the platform, you recognize quickly: You are competing with local agencies and freelancers from around the country.  

How’s it possible to stick out from the countless numbers of Buyers and Sellers? Here’s 10 ways to achieve this:

  1. Job Features are paid options to gain additional exposure for Sellers’ Job Packages or Buyers’ Job Posts to greatly increase marketing, sales, and job completion.


  1. Making Your Profile Stand Out by developing a recognizable and consistent personal brand through the use of unique images and descriptions. If you’re a designer, make use of your profile photo, additional media, and job package photo to be visually appealing. Alternatively, your description should be interesting and well-written if you’re a writer.


  1. Badges like verification badges are an easy way for other users on the platform to identify information of interest.


  1. Displaying Your Skills by finding a creative way to demonstrate why you are the best choice for that category either through your description or what you display through your additional media.


  1. Displaying Your True Face will make your profile look more professional and will show buyers or sellers that they’re working with a real individual person.


  1. Tier System is a way to showcase to other users your dedication to the platform.


  1. Review and Ratings are the most important method to show why you are the best choice over your competitors so be sure to keep your ratings high and reviews positive.


  1. Be Responsive by regularly checking the platform to ensure a quick response time with potential customers. Buyers will ideally have a good experience as a result, which will encourage them to use the platform again for future orders.


  1. Job Packages by offering three distinctly different packages as this can attract a broader range of clients and gives customers more options.

Keywords for your title by thinking about what words buyers or sellers would type into the search bar to find your Job Posts or Job Packages. For example, instead of using general keywords such as “writing” be more specific such as “article writing”.