Safety and Security


Although OddJobs has taken every measure possible to ensure the safety and security of all of our users, we cannot guarantee it, so it is extremely important that you take additional precautions to protect yourself.

How do I know whether I can trust my Buyer or Seller?

Badges and Verification

The fastest way to figure out whether you can trust the person you’re buying or selling from is via our Badges and Verifications

In short, both Buyers and Sellers can apply for Badges or Verifications to appear in their profile encouraging more trust between parties. This is checked by the OddJobs team based on the information available and provided to us.


Another way to get an idea of how trustworthy a Buyer or Seller is through checking their Reviews. Completing Reviews of each other after completing a Job is compulsory, and if the other party has many good reviews, then it may be a good indication of trustworthiness.

Social Media Links


It may be worthwhile to see if they have social media accounts connected to their profiles. Particularly for Sellers, the availability of a strong LinkedIn or Instagram business account might also indicate their experience with other clients.

What additional precautions can I take?

Checking locations

Particularly if you are seeking to complete a physical Job where meeting the Buyer or Seller in-person is necessary, e.g., plumbing or wall painting, we recommend double checking whether the location is legitimate by having a day-time site visit, or if it is a publicly known area.

Go with a friend or family member

Bringing along someone for your first visit is definitely a good idea for face-to-face meetings, and we especially recommend this for private locations.

Checking with local or governing authorities

If you have concerns on a Buyer or Seller’s credentials, you might want to check with any relevant authorities to see if the documents they provide are legitimate.


For example, professional certification such as lawyers or accountants will have registration numbers that can be checked on governing body websites.