Tips To Make Your Images Better

Tips for taking a good photo.

Composition is key when taking a good photograph.

Decide the context of your image.

What are you trying to capture in the photo? Is it an object, a place or a person? What are you trying to highlight in the image? Have a clear understanding of what you are capturing.

Make sure to capture the subject of your photo.

If you’re taking a photo of an object or place, make sure the position they are in the photo is well centered and the main subject of the image. 

Find a good light source for the subject of your photo.

Without lighting, no one will be able to see what you took. A good light source will illuminate the subject/context of the photo well.

Keep it simple with a plain background.

Sometimes having less is more. An empty background behind the subject of your photo can help contrast it well and clearly show the object of your image without clutter of anything in the background.

Take a second and look at the photo you took.

After you have taken the photo, before uploading it, take a second to breathe and really look at the image you took. Take note of the composition, position of the subject, the lighting and background and see if your photo checks all the points. 

Uploading art pieces or digital creations? Here are some tips to keep your quality.


OddJobs uses a standard resolution for different sizes of images, listed below.


Square Images

Resolution size: 1080p x 1080p
Aspect ratio: 1:1

Use case: Profile pictures, Job Package/Posts images, Profile gallery

Landscape Images:

Resolution size: 1080p x 566p

Aspect ratio: 1.91:1

Use case: Featured banner image, cover image, Profile gallery

Vertical Images:

Resolution size: 1080p x 1350p

Aspect ratio: 4:5

Use case: Profile gallery

Resolution of your image.

Keep the resolution of the document you are uploading to a minimum of 1080p, this will ensure the quality of the image is kept at higher resolutions. If unsure, stick to the resolution criteria above.

Art piece bigger than a square image?

Use the Square image dimensions and crop out a square segment of your art piece. Take care to include parts you like and want to highlight.

Featured Package/Post banner image

If you have a Featured Job Package or Post coming up, follow the landscape image resolution size criteria for the best results.