Creating Job Posts

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How do I create a Job Post?

  1. Create a Buyer account

  2. Go to your Buyer Dashboard

  3. Click ‘Create a Job Post’

  4. Create a title. All titles will begin automatically with ‘I need…’ and the Buyer will state what request they need. For example, ‘I need my wall tiled’

  5. Upload a cover photo. This could be the location or problems you might have that need solving. For example, a broken wall.

  6. Describe and explain your request. Add as much detail as possible to save time explaining it to multiple applicants later!

  7. Enter the category. This will help attract the right people as fast as possible.

  8. Enter the date and time required for the job to be completed.

  9. Enter the general location of the job. The specific location can be shared later in private once you’ve chosen your Seller.

  10. Enter a budget you’re willing to pay. This can be negotiated later.

  11. Enter any general requirements for the Seller. For example, if you need them to have their own equipment, you can say ‘Has equipment’

  12. Click ‘Publish’

What happens next?

Your Job Post will be posted on the Explore Page for all Sellers to see and any applications will be sent to your notifications and email.

I haven’t received any applications, what do I do?

Lack of applications are can usually be resolved by the following solutions:

  • Clarifying the Job Post. Unclear titles or descriptions usually get immediately ignored by browsing Sellers.

  • Sponsoring the Job Post. Attracting more attention, especially for time sensitive jobs, can be achieved through sponsoring your Job Post and adding it to our Featured spaces.

Direct Approach

Another option to finding Sellers is to go directly to similar-skilled Sellers and ask them to complete the request. For example, going to someone who sells a wall painting Job Package, and contacting them directly to apply for your Job Post.

I’ve received multiple applications, what now?

Now you can either accept any of the applicants based on the information they provided, or learn more about the Seller to make sure they’re the best choice!

We recommend Buyers contact prospective Sellers directly via the Inbox and ask about their previous work or what other services/expertise they’re able to do.

I’ve paid and confirmed the Job Post, what now?

Congratulations! Now it’s a matter of waiting for the job to be completed. 

Although the details of this process depend on the type of agreement and job, you can monitor its progress through your Buyer Dashboard. Here you can see whether it’s started, completed, or requires revision.


We also strongly recommend you keep close contact with your Sellers, especially closer to, or during, the completion of the job