Job Posts


Job Posts are open requests made by a Buyer to all Sellers on the OddJobs platform, and interested Sellers would submit applications to complete the job.

What makes it different from a Job Package?

Generally, these requests are made by Buyers who were unable to find a Job Package that suits their specific needs. 


For example, there may be Job Packages for wall painting services, however the Buyer might specifically need someone to do wall tiling instead. In this case, the Buyer would create a Job Post advertising their request.

Where can I find Job Posts?

All Job Posts can be discovered on the Explore Page, and you can filter these postings based on whatever criteria you need based on your skillset.

You can also find Featured Job Posts on the Home Page, or directly go to the Buyers profile to look for any specific Job Posts by them.

As a Seller, how can I apply and negotiate for Job Posts?

How can I create a Job Post?

You can create Job Posts with a Buyer account on OddJobs. Follow this guide for further information.