Selling Job Packages

Not sure what a Job Package is? Check out our intro here.

How do I begin selling Job Packages?

  1. Create a Seller account. You can do this by either:

  1. Registering during the Buyer account registration process or;

  2. Visiting your Buyer Dashboard and clicking the ‘Switch to Seller Account’ button on the left navigation bar.

  1. Go to your Seller Dashboard

  2. Click Create a Job Package

  3. Enter a Job Title. All titles will begin with ‘I will…’ and you’ll have to continue this sentence. For example, ‘I will create your company logo’ if you intend to do graphics designing for logos.

  4. Choose a Location. This will tell Buyers where you’re willing to work. For example, if you want to work in all four districts in Brunei, you can list all of them.

  5. Write a Description. This is important as most Buyers will read this first to decide whether they’ll consider buying, so make it attractive!

    For more tips, check out our guide on Improving Marketing & Sales.

  6. Choose a Cover Photo. Another equally important one, this is going to be the main picture on all tiles shown throughout the website. Make it striking and impressive to gain attention.

  7. Optional: Adding Additional Media. This helps a lot in both attracting sales and saving you time, as most customers are more likely to buy and less likely to ask too many questions if they can already see what you can do!

  8. Write a Description for Basic, Standard and Premium. Here you can quickly explain the differences between the Packages.

  9. Enter the Duration. This is how long the Job Package will take.

    Tip: If you’re unsure how long it’ll take, for example, mowing a lawn or painting a picture, we recommend placing the highest estimate. Buyers always feel better when a job’s done sooner than expected rather than later!

  10. Enter the Price. These will be from cheapest to most expensive, for example, Basic $5, Standard $10, Premium $20.

  11. Enter Category. This will match demand to you, the supply, and maximize the potential for sales. For example, Accounting.

  12. Enter Subcategory. If there’s anything specific you do within the category, for example, Personal Accounting, this will further market your Package more efficiently.

  13. Enter Tags. These mainly help with search engine optimisation, allowing a wider audience inside and outside OddJobs to find you.

  14. Optional: Choose a Feature. These are paid options to further advertise your Job Package on the Home Page and our holistic marketing campaigns to bring your exposure to the next level!

  15. Fill in a Custom Seller Form. These are forms or questionnaires that you can prepare if you want the Buyer to provide you information about their situation before buying your Job Package.

    This saves a lot of time later, which would be spent talking to the Buyer individually. For example, if you’re a graphics designer, you might want to know about the mood they want, the existing examples of designs they like, who the audience you’re designing for, etc.

  16. Click Publish Job Package. Or, if you want to have a look at what it’ll look like as a page, you can click Preview Job Package first.

Just like that, your Job Package is up on OddJobs for everyone to see and buy from!

Can I edit or delete my Job Package after publishing it?

Definitely, to edit or delete any Packages, you can go to your Seller Dashboard and go to ‘Job Management’, and click ‘Edit’ or ‘Delete’ which will lead you to the page with the same format as creating a Job Package.

Editing Job Packages with Active Jobs

If you’d like to edit a Job Package while there are already active jobs, i.e. you’re in the process of completing the job for the Buyer, then all services from you would have to comply with the previous version agreed upon with the Buyer.

For example, you can’t edit the description while doing an active job and then completing the job in a different way than how you described it previously.

Editing Job Packages with Pending Jobs

If you’d like to edit a Job Package while there are already pending orders, i.e. Buyers have already paid and are waiting for you to begin work, then you have to reconfirm to each pending Buyer directly with the changes you’ve made. This will minimize future miscommunication, confusion or conflict.

For example, if you decided to change the duration of the Package, you would inbox all the pending Buyers and let them know or ask if it’s okay.

Deleting a Job Package with Active Jobs

When deleting a Job Package, your active jobs will still remain and you’ll still have to complete them. Alternatively, you can undergo a Mutual Cancellation to cancel any remaining active jobs.

Refer to our Terms and Conditions for more detailed information on the rules of the platform.

How do I manage active Job Packages?

It’s very important that you keep track of your progress and continually mark your progress for your Buyers, as they will be depending on your updates on the Dashboard to track everything.

Active Packages, whether they are pending, i.e., bought but yet to be started, or in-process, i.e., Packages you’ve started work on, can be found on the Seller Dashboard under ‘Job Management.’

Here, you can see all the Job Packages people have bought, and you can choose between:

  1. Order Confirmed. This means that a Buyer has requested for a Package, and you can choose to confirm (in which case their payment will be confirmed) or reject.

  2. Job Started. This means you officially started working on the Package.

  3. Revision(s). This means that you’ve completed the Package and are waiting for the Buyer to request any revisions (if any.)

  4. Review. This means that Package is completely finished, the Buyer is satisfied and both sides will have to review one another.


Please note that marking any of these milestones will give the Buyer a notification both on OddJobs and via email and/or phone, so double check before clicking confirm!

Can I cancel Job Packages I’ve already confirmed?

Yes, however we recommend minimizing this as much as possible as it may be drawn out into a prolonged cancellation process.

The fastest, effective and most efficient way to cancel is via Mutual Cancellation, where you can click ‘Cancel’ under ‘Active Jobs’ in the Job Management section of the Seller Dashboard. This will request a cancellation to the Buyer.

We strongly recommend first getting into contact with the Buyer to explain the cancellation which will give a much higher chance of an agreed cancellation.

Should Mutual Cancellation fail, you can apply for a cancellation here which will lead to a OddJobs-led process of reviewing the cancellation. 

For more details of how cancellations work, see our guide on Cancellation.