What is OddJobs?


OddJobs is an all-in-one website-based online marketplace for freelancers and MSMEs to market themselves, explore, manage, analyse and sell their services to the local Bruneian community.

The Problems We’re Solving

As of now, word of mouth and scouring through social media is the most dominant form of matching supply and demand in the Bruneian freelance market. 

For buyers, this fails to guarantee the best value-for-money investment, whereas for sellers, this leads to a struggle in gaining the best possible market exposure.


The outcome is a wildly inefficient environment for both sides of the market.

Our Solution: OddJobs

The solution is simple. A no-nonsense, straightforward, centralised platform designed to be as familiar yet effective and efficient as possible via a website and, later, a mobile app.

Why should you join us? Two very simple reasons:

  1. Access to Information:

Both Buyers and Sellers will be strongly encouraged to showcase as much information as possible, ensuring Buyers feel safe and gain the best out of their money, while Sellers understand their market thoroughly to compete in the best way for everyone.

  1. Low Barrier to Entry


From start to finish, our platforms will put usability and user experience at the forefront. In the end, we will ensure that everyone in Brunei is able to use our platform to ensure you always get the best possible partners in buying and selling.

Our Solution: OddJobs

Register an account with us today and check out the Explore page to see what freelancers are on offer and get familiar with the open culture here at OddJobs!

Once you feel ready, feel free to also try your luck as a Seller by visiting our guide here.