Job Packages


Job Packages are the main service offerings provided by Sellers on OddJobs. 


Each Package is a specific job scope the Seller is offering, divided into three options which the Buyer can choose from, i.e. Basic, Standard or Premium.

What’s the difference between Basic, Standard and Premium?

Each option will vary in price and what’s included in the package, with Basic being the cheapest and while Premium has the most services included.


For example, a Job Package like ‘I will clean your carpet’ might have just vacuuming for the Basic package, while the Premium package might include anything from vacuuming, washing and disinfecting.

Why are Job Packages structured this way?

OddJobs designed Packages to make sure that jobs are getting done as efficiently and productively as possible. 

On the Buyers side, it allows you to quickly choose what you need while also giving you the flexibility to adapt to your situation. On the Sellers side, its ease of use and customizability allows streamlined management while also encouraging higher sales.

Where can I find Job Packages?

Job Packages can mainly be discovered on the Explore Page, where you can filter all the Packages or search for something specific!

They’ll also be available on each Sellers’ profiles as well as a Featured list on our Home Page

How can I buy Job Packages?

You can simply buy Packages immediately by pressing on the green price button, or from the individual overview page by clicking on the title of the Job Package. 

To learn more about the step-by-step on how to purchase these Packages, check out our guide on Buying Job Packages.

How can I Sell Job Packages?

Sellers can begin creating their Job Packages to sell by creating a Sellers account, then heading over to their Seller Dashboard.

For more details on how to do this, check out our guide on Selling Job Packages.